Upwell Parish

Neighbourhood Plan

2015 to 2036

Neighbourhood Planning was introduced in the Localism Act 2011. It is an important and powerful tool that gives communities statutory powers to develop a shared vision and shape how their community develops.

The Upwell Parish Neighbourhood Plan is a document that sets out local planning policies for Upwell Parish. It has passed through all the stages required to go to referendum and now carries ‘significant weight’ which means, where relevant, it will be used to decide whether planning applications are approved. The referendum should take place with the local council elections to be held next May.  It is a community document written by local people who know and love the area. It is a powerful tool to ensure that we get the right type of development in the right places.

Well Creek & Town Street, Upwell                View from Three Holes Bridge               The Old School Lakesend 


Neighbourhood Plans should support the delivery of strategic policies contained in local plans and should not promote less development than set out in the Local Plan. So the Local Plan for the Borough King’s Lynn and West Norfolk (BCKLWN) sets the overall strategic policies such as the amount of new development, housing numbers, and the distribution of development across the borough.

A Neighbourhood Plan can contain non-strategic policies, such as allocating sites, the provision of infrastructure and community facilities, establishing design principles for new development, conserving and enhancing the natural and historic environment and setting out other development management policies. Once a Neighbourhood Plan has been brought into force, it becomes part of the development plan for the Parish. The policies it contains take precedence over existing non-strategic policies in the Borough Council’s Local Plan.






















In April 2015 Upwell Parish Council decided to take advantage of this new right to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Upwell. The Neighbourhood Area was formally designated by the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk on 2nd December 2015. The timeframe chosen for the plan was 2015 to 2036. Of course, the policy context might change, either by a future revision to national planning policy or changes to the Borough Council’s strategic policies. Monitoring the Neighbourhood Plan is an important role which the Parish Council will undertake

because changes may take place in planning legislation, national policy or local plan policy which may have implications for the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan. Annual monitoring exercises and typically a 5-year review will be undertaken.


The Submission version presents the Neighbourhood Plan for Upwell Parish see: https://west-norfolk-consult.objective.co.uk/portal/neighbourhood_plan/neighbourhood_plan_consultations/upwell_npconsultation/upwell_npconsult


It has been developed after a number of consultation events and exercises. Open Meetings were held in

January, February & March 2016, and further consultation exercises took place in September 2018

when we looked at proposed sites for future development and Local Green Spaces (which will be protected from development), and Spring 2019 when we consulted on the draft plan. It is important that the Neighbourhood Plan reflects what is important to us as a community, and what we would like to improve and protect.  The results of all these public consultation events and exercises have been considered alongside known factual evidence, such as the housing need, the flood risk, the good quality agricultural land, the historic assets in the Parish, and the fact that Welle Creek is a major route for narrowboats on the Nene-Ouse Link. Importantly, the effort has been directed at ensuring that we produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Upwell that helps to deliver the housing and

economic needs of the Parish, but also makes sure that this particular patch of the Fens does not get spoiled by development.

Well Creek & Town Street, Upwell  
Neighbourhood plan process