Unveiling of Tram Memento

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Yesterday a memento remembering the Upwell tram was unveiled at the old tram yard which is now home to Upwell Health Center. Mary Williamson unveiled the sculpture as she work in the tram yard and her husband was the manager. This is a celebration of the villages history and also highlights its famous connection with Thomas the Tank Engine. The sculpture was fabricated by a team at SDM Fabrication. The project has had backing from numerous partners. Despite the miserable weather there was many spectating the event and just as many if not more attended the complimentary photograph exhibition in Saint Peter's Church, Upwell afterwards. Here the history of the village was celebrated in photographs throughout the ages. There were also model trams from and information on the Thomas the Tank collection from the Old Vicarage in Emneth as well as artefacts from the Upwell tram including; lamps, drivers lunch box and jacket from Colin Bedford's collection. Collin Bedford also brought along the bicycle, helmet and skates of the Olympic cyclist and skate Cyril Horne. Colin spoke of the cycling connection with the tram and showed pictures of the March cycling club riding behind a tram on a low loaded. It truly was a fascinating day learning about the heritage of our village and celebrating the achievements/ industry that once was. The collectors of our village's artefacts and photos are a wealth of knowledge and I particularly enjoyed learning that the tram drivers would take cold tea to work to heat on the engine before drinking! This sculpture should inspire young historians and is an asset to the village. The design and fabrication is a credit to SDM Fabrication.