Upwell Health Centre: Change to appointments

Introducing the 'On the Day Team'

We will shortly be implementing a new approach to looking after our patients for all immediate needs and queries. It will be called the “On the Day Team”.

Each day the practice will have a team of clinical professionals whose job will be to look after all patient appointments, phone calls and queries that come into the practice that day. The team will be made up of a mix of different clinicians - Paramedics, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Associates and at least one GP. This team will work together to ensure all patient needs are met.

So what does this mean for you? It is quite like what you are used to. When you call, you will be asked to give us a little bit of detail regarding your condition or query. Based on a GP approved list of scenarios we will offer an appointment or a telephone call back. In some cases, we may refer you to another healthcare provider. For example, a minor injuries unit (for a suspected broken bone say) or a Pharmacist.

When you are offered an appointment you will be given a time to arrive at the surgery on the same day – just check in as normal and you will be called in by a member of the On the Day Team as soon as possible.

If you request or are offered a telephone call back a member of the On the Day Team will call you as soon as possible. Please ensure you give us the correct number to call you on and be available to take the call.

The most significant change you will notice is that patients obtaining an appointment or a call back on the same day will not be able to request a specific clinician as it could be any one of the team members. Be assured however that you will be seen by a suitably qualified individual and there will always be GP support in the team to assist if needed. You will still be able to pre-book an appointment with a specific clinician for future dates for non-urgent matters.

As currently, if you have an urgent need on the day and all appointments have gone then you will be spoken to by a clinician and seen at the surgery as required.

So why are we making this change? This is a big change to our method of working internally and our aim is to be able to manage an increasing workload, maintain good care and be ready for the future. Like many practices we are using other clinical roles in conjunction with GPs to ensure that we have enough GP time available for patients that can only be looked after by a GP. The number of complex patients (with multiple conditions and medications) is increasing yet the number of GPs nationally is simply not keeping up. We also need time to consider and develop our services to you.

Comments & Suggestions We may need to alter how we manage the system after a period of time. Please do not hesitate to let us know how the new system is working for you.

Thank You.

Steve (Practice Manager